Next two weeks critical for planting soybeans

An agronomy professor says he’s not worried about planting delays just yet.

Michigan State University’s Manni Singh tells Brownfield while planting progress is behind, soil temperatures need to be at least upper 40s for soybean planting and not too wet.

 “We are still very much in the early phase of our planting window,” he says.  “If this weather stays for another week to 10 days—that’s when I will start getting worried.”

He says the optimal window for soybeans is typically between the end of April to mid-May for the region.

“It’s only when we get to the last week of May and into June that we start losing yield at a much higher rate,” he explains.

Singh warns if farmers plant in less-than-ideal conditions, there’s a risk of losing yield potential from sidewall compaction, poor seed to soil contact, along with long-term field compaction.

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