Neuro-marketing of food targets emotions

An Indiana author and speaker who is shedding light on misleading food claims says marketers are using neuroscience to try to influence consumers. Michele Payn tells Brownfield Ag News, “Because neuroscience clearly proves that neuro-marketing can influence the way that you can think. It can force information into the emotional part of your brain which just adds to the confusion that people seem to have around food today.”

The author of “Food Bullying” says so many claims are misleading and confuse consumers about what is truly in their food…

“Some of the ones that are particularly irritating is – sustainable, antibiotic-free, farm-raised, hormone-free – because they’re only one food in the store that is hormone-free.” And that one food is salt.

Payn, who grew up on a farm, says if consumers truly want to know what is in their food they should seek out farmers who produce it or dietitians who are educated about it.

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