NEFB says new speaker must prioritize the 2023 Farm Bill

The head of a state farm bureau organization says the new speaker of the US House can’t forget how the 2023 Farm Bill could improve food security.

Nebraska’s Mark McHargue says the legislation can’t be forgotten once a speaker is elected and the government is properly funded. “We need a speaker that understands how the intricacies of how the farm bill go together to ensure that the people of the United States have safe and affordable food available to them.”

He tells Brownfield he’s concerned that whoever may be elected may show opposition to the farm bill, especially when it comes to funding.  But, McHargue says, “Food security does equate to national security. If you are short of food in your country, it absolutely impacts national security.  We need a speaker that understands all those things, and how they work together.  They need to understand that it’s not just a bunch of money that get paid out to money.”

The US House is expected to vote on Ohio Representative Jim Jordan’s nomination on Tuesday. On Monday, American Soybean Association CEO Steve Censky told Brownfield that Jordan has never voted for a farm bill since being elected.

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