Nebraska Farm Bureau, congressional delegation forms coalition opposing new tax policy

Nebraska Farm Bureau and the state’s congressional delegation have formed a coalition to oppose proposed changes in federal tax policy.

President Mark McHargue says potential increases in capital gains, estate and corporate taxes could threaten the state’s ag industry. “We believe and we are very concerned that the message that’s coming out of Washington D.C. on these proposals don’t due justice explaining the potential negative impacts of these tax hikes could have on family farms,” he says.

The coalition, Nebraskans for Tax Truth, will focus on ensuring that residents understand the impacts of new tax policy.

Congressman Jeff Fortenberry says it’s important to show agreement on an issue that could have significant long-term impacts for the state’s farmers and ranchers. “So, we can have a collective voice to tell the American farm story and how these things are coming out of Washington that are poorly understood that have a ripple effects that could undermine one the great enterprises that we have in our great country,” Fortenberry said.

The coalition, which is also supported by the Nebraska Chamber, is on-line at

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