Nearly 700 witness Missouri SB 391 ceremonial signing in Sedalia

Missouri Governor Mike Parson ceremoniously signed Senate Bill 391 at the Missouri Cattlemen’s Steak Fry Saturday evening.

“This is about the future,” Parson told Brownfield Ag News following the signing. “This is how do you meet the demand and the supply for the generations to come, and I think by doing that we protect that and also entice people to get more into the agriculture business.”

The law blocks counties from enacting health ordinances that regulate concentrated animal feeding operations more stringently than state statutes. In comments preceding the signing, Missouri Cattlemen’s President Bobby Simpson from Salem, Missouri, expressed gratitude.

“We have never had a governor and lieutenant governor that have been so supportive of agriculture in my lifetime,” Simpson told Brownfield, after he had made his comments. “That’s what I told him and I appreciate that.”

The official signing was May 31. Almost 700 of the bill’s supporters came to witness the ceremonial signing in Sedalia. The bill was sponsored by Senator Mike Bernskoetter (R-Jefferson City) and supported by many of the state’s agriculture groups.

AUDIO: Governor Mike Parson
AUDIO: Bill supporters Don Nikodim, Gary Marshall, Mike Deering, Robert Alpers, Bobby Simpson, and Mike Bernskoetter
  • I totally agree with this bill. Why on earth should residents of any county be able to decide whether or not they want some stinking a$$ corporate hog farm in their back yard? I mean – freedom, am I right??!?!? I personally hope one day to live next to one of these putrid operations. I’d be even happier if they just put a nuclear waste dump next to my house. The icing on the cake would be if some huge faceless corporation from out of state owned it.

    I like how brownfield and all the others talk about corporate farms like they’re small family owned operations. Actual farmers don’t even seem to realize that these operations are why the price of pork is so low. I personally know a dozen or so real farmers who used to raise hogs who got out because Cargill and other mega companies started mass producing these sickly animals. They’re doing the same thing to the cattle market.

  • Thank you for censoring my comments brownfield. I wouldn’t want your corporate masters to have to face the actual fact that Missourians hate these laws and hate corporate hog farms.

    • We don’t have corporate masters making decisions for us. If your comments were censored it was due to unacceptable or threatening language. We read every comment before it is posted on the Brownfield website. If you want to use foul language on social media, that is your prerogative.

      • I never used foul language or threatened anyone. Thank you for painting that picture of me though. Tell me again about how your corporate masters don’t exist and why it’s still necessary to smear my name here? Also, thanks for the lecture. I’m not sure what I would have done without having you publicly speak to me like I am an inferior human for apparently saying the wrong thing. Not that it matters though. You guys and the Cattleman and the other wealthy groups are going to get your way and sue the Moniteau county health department until they’re completely broke and you get your way and build your putrid hog farm.

        • Nobody smeared your name. I said the only time I do not approve a comment is if it contains foul language or is threatening. Did I fail to approve one of your comments?

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