NCBA urges industry comments on Dietary Guidelines report

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association is urging producers to comment on the 2020 Dietary Guidelines scientific report when it comes to beef. Danielle Beck, NCBA director of government affairs, tells Brownfield the USDA and HHS will combine what’s in the report with input from consumers and producers, “We’re seeing a lot of commentary and input from activist communities who ultimately have an anti-animal ag agenda so it’s critically important that beef producers weigh in. The science is on our side. All things considered we fared very well in the advisory committee report.”

She says the report leans on science that supports beef as a nutritious part of a healthy diet.

But, Beck says it would be helpful if the agencies clarify language from the 2015 dietary guidelines that says healthy diets should have plenty of whole fruits and vegetables and include red meat.

“Those sentences, though, throughout the report are often followed by statements that healthy diets are lower in red and processed meat and we think this language is confusing to the average consumer and it overlooks the fact that the majority of beef sold in the grocery story today qualifies beef as a LEAN meat according to the dietary guidelines.” 

NCGA is running a campaign to highlight the “Benefits of Beef” calling on cattle producers to submit public comments in support of beef’s role in a healthy diet. Comments will be accepted through August 13th.

Interview with Danielle Beck

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