NBB CEO concerned with gap year small refinery exemption recommendation

The CEO of the National Biodiesel Board says the U.S. Department of Energy has indicated it will recommend partially granting some of the 58 gap year small refinery exemption requests.  

Donnell Rehagen says some of the requests date back nearly a decade.

“For the EPA to even entertain those especially in light of the recent 10th Circuit Court case that gave the EPA some opposite direction to that flies in the face of transparency and honesty,” he says.

He tells Brownfield NBB wants a level playing field with concise rules.  

“We just want to see the set of rules set in place be the set of rules that are followed year after year after year rather than see them change from year to year or month to month depending on the circumstances because when those volumes are set we make decisions regarding how we’re going to meet those volumes and then months later those volumes are undercut by these small refinery exemptions,” he says.  

Rehagen says small refinery exemptions previously granted in the past three years have reduced demand for biodiesel by 550 million gallons.

Audio: Donnell Rehagen

  • Something we can all do to counter the endless stream of Small Refinery Waivers to the RFS, issued by our “Oil Friendly” EPA, is for each of us to only purchase Ethanol Blended and Bio Diesel Blended fuels.

    Purchasing “No Ethanol” Fuels or Bio Diesel Free Fuels just supports the Refiners that are applying for all the small refiner waivers.

    So, Let’s reduce the market for the Bio Free Fuels, by refusing to purchase them!

    Let’s Zero Out, E-0 and B-0 Fuels by only using superior Biofuel Blends.

    As Consumers, we can all influence what is offered at the fuel pump.

    Tom Blazek

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