National Farmers Union says Trump’s EPA dropped the ball on biofuels again by missing RVO deadline

The National Farmers Union is one of several groups frustrated that the EPA missed the deadline for releasing Renewable Volume Obligations for 2021.

NFU biofuels advisor Anne Steckel says by statute, the RVO’s should’ve been announced by November 30th.

“This affects not only biofuels producers, but obviously our farmers as well (by) putting uncertainty out there about what those volume requirements will be for next year. So we’re very disappointed the Administration didn’t make this a priority.”

NFU president Rob Larew says by punting the decision to the next administration, EPA is introducing even more uncertainty to the biofuels industry.

Steckel tells Brownfield it’s probably better if the Biden Administration deals with volume obligations for 2021, but it could take several months.

“The incoming Administration will have to staff up, make those decisions about what those volumes will be, put out a proposal, and then issue a final rule. All of that does take some time.”

Larew says Trump’s EPA has almost invariably fallen short in its handling of biofuels, and NFU sincerely hopes Biden’s EPA learns from their mistakes and takes biofuels policy in a much more promising direction.

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