Much needed rain helps northern crops

An agronomist says the crops in the Dakotas and Minnesota have received some much need rains in the last week.

Rick Swenson with Peterson Farms Seed says the timing is just right.

“Basically, everything out there including the corn and soybeans are doubling, tripling or quadrupling in height in the next few weeks. Limiting moisture is one of the biggest negatives,” says Swenson. “If we can have that pattern shift and ample rains in July, I’ll be pretty excited.”

He says parts of South Dakota have almost too much rain.

“From Watertown all the way to Faulkton, there was water standing everywhere the last week of June. They have some nice crops coming even though they were stressed early on. Where there’s not heavy planting populations, it looks good. I’m hoping to find some tasseling corn soon.”

Swenson says it’s also been a warmer than usual growing season in the north and there have been more growing degree units for corn and soybeans.

“We’re about 7 weeks above average right now and it helps a lot,” he says. “We live and die by frost in September and October and anytime we can get those bonus heat units, it makes it that much easier for us in the fall.”

The National Weather Service says there is more rain in the forecast with a few strong and severe storms.

Photo credit: Rick Swenson. Leland finds tasseling corn at Stenerson Farms in Elizabeth, MN.

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