Missouri soybean yield champion ‘thrilled to death’

The top yield in the Missouri Soybean Yield Contest is the result of trying new growing techniques. The contest winner, Gary Porter of Mercer County, in Northern Missouri, topped the competition with his dryland yield of 106 bushels an acre.

“We were just thrilled to death,” Porter told Brownfield Ag News. “I know the combine monitor was saying 115 (bushels per acre) all the way across, but by the time you take the moisture and come up with the right amount of acres and the feet and then weigh it, it’s always hard to get a very high yield, but it stuck right in there; 106 bushels to the acre and the highest we have ever yielded.”

Porter says he was repeatedly unable to break through an 85 bushel brick wall, but this year he paid closer attention to seed treatments and mid-season foliar feeding.

“We think with that and our soil fertility build-up and putting on exactly what they need with micronutrients and everything,” said Porter, “it just seems like we broke through that barrier all at once.”

AUDIO: Gary Porter

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