Missouri family on hemp experience

A Missouri family, through trial and error, finds first-year hemp growing and processing success.

Row-crop and cattle farmer Michelle Poindexter and her family, of Adrian, in west central Missouri, had to switch their plans last year to grow hemp on their farm because state approval was not in place, “Our family decided to go into this venture together. All of us kind of researched different areas of hemp because there were not a lot of people that were forthcoming in the best practices. So we kind of went at it on our own and planted 10 acres and with all the rain that we had this past year we only ended up with about three or four acres that we have harvested.”

She says weeds were a huge challenge all the way through harvest but they had good quality plants that they extracted themselves and have developed their own processing plant on their farm.

“The more, kind of the entire supply chain that you can keep in your family or your company, whatever it may be – the more revenue that you’re going to make.”

Michelle and her brother Luke will plant 10 acres of hemp on their Missouri farm this year – and because of demand for locally grown products, she says they are producing their own CBD tinctures.

The Poindexters were presenters at the Heart of America Agricultural Hemp Classic near Kansas City put on by the Missouri Hemp Association.

Interview with Michelle Poindexter
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