Missouri Corn president on “great deal” with Japan

The president of the Missouri Corn Growers Association says the Japan deal is great for corn growers.  Mike Moreland farms south of Kansas City near Harrisonville.

“It takes some of the tariffs off and it will make us more competitive so our market share will probably go up even more. They like quality and we give them a quality product.”

Moreland says it also helps that Japan is the largest buyer of U.S. beef, pork and lamb, “It takes a lot of corn to feed this livestock so the more meat we can export the more corn that goes with it.” Japan buys about $2-Billion dollars in U.S. corn every year.

As far as his harvest goes, Moreland says he has about 200 acres left to go and is pretty sure he can wrap it up this weekend with the good weather.

Interview with Mike Moreland

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