Missouri Cattlemen’s wants feral hog hunting ban lifted

The Missouri Cattlemen’s Association is against the Missouri Department of Conservation’s ban on hunting feral hogs on public land which requires landowners to have a permit for thermal scopes and other equipment for hunting on their land.

Jeff Reed with Rolling Shoals Farm in Williamsville says his cow-calf operation is surrounded by Mark Twain National Forest which has become a harbor for feral hogs, which have caused a lot of damage, “We can document 40 to 50 Thousand dollars in loss, each year, to the feral hog.”

Reed says the Conservation Department has tried to trap the animals but with little success because of how smart the hogs are and the difficulty of moving the large metal traps in wooded areas. He tells Brownfield the department should not require landowners to have a permit for thermal scopes and other hunting tools, “MDC uses those scopes, so we should be able to use those scopes on our own private land without limitations and having to get a permission slip from mom to go shoot a feral pig, which is the MDC requirement now. You’ve got to get a, basically, a permit from a game warden to say ‘yes, you can get a thermal scope.’”

Reed says they killed hundreds of feral hogs on their property last year, “We quit counting when we killed 200 feral pigs and that was in, about March.” He says conservation MUST work more closely with landowners to get rid of the overpopulation of feral hogs.

Conservation’s Feral Hog Incident Commander Jason Jensen says letting hunters eradicate the wild hogs has NOT worked, “We actually encouraged people to hunt feral hogs for several years and that didn’t work,” Jensen told Brownfield Ag News. “What we saw during that period of time was that numbers exponentially increased and the range of feral hogs increased. We feel that was mostly due to illegal releases by people who were wanting to hunt feral hogs for that recreational value.”

~Brownfield’s Julie Harker contributed to this report. Listen to our interviews with Jeff Reed and Jason Jenson below:

Will Robinson interviews Jeff Reed
Julie Harker interviews Jason Jensen
  • This mdc commander Jason Jensen is lying but that is what the mdc does best we need to take the sales tax they get move it to road and bridge for a while than move it somewhere else no one part of gov should have this all the time
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