Minnesota farmer promoting soybeans in Southeast Asia

A Minnesota farmer is meeting with soybean buyers in southeast Asia.

Patrick O’Leary, who was recently appointed to the United Soybean Board, tells Brownfield it’s important to reestablish relationships in Thailand and The Philippines now that travel restrictions are easing.

“The Philippines market is quite significant to us. It’s probably one of the largest soybean meal markets that we have off the (Pacific Northwest rail line) in the United States, so a pretty significant market. Thailand (is) also a significant buyer of U.S. meal.”

He says customers in both countries appreciate the quality of soybeans grown in the northern U.S.

“The essential amino acids, or the critical amino acids that the animals need for growth are in higher levels in a lot of the Upper Midwest-grown soybeans. And that translates directly to quality in their feed.”

O’Leary, who also serves on the Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council, says soybeans grown in northern states also have less foreign material.

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