Minnesota farmer harvests best crop of 50 year career

A south-central Minnesota farmer recently finished harvesting his best crop ever.

Jerry Demmer of Clarks Grove tells Brownfield despite a drier-than-normal growing season, his corn and soybeans caught timely rains.

“This is my 50th crop year, and of course the hybrids have made great strides, but this was the best crop ever for corn and soybeans for me.”

He says it was a perfect fall for cutting soybeans.

“Because we didn’t get those low humidity (and) high winds that the beans drop down to 8 percent moisture where you not only lose it at the cutter bar shatter and reel shatter, and also the weight.”

Demmer says he didn’t have to dry any corn because it all came out of the field at 15 percent to 16 percent moisture.

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