Michigan wheat harvest brings surprising yields

A wheat extension specialist expects a 10 percent wheat yield decline in Michigan because of dry conditions.

Dennis Pennington with Michigan State University tells Brownfield some regions of the state have experienced crop failures while others could see up to 120 bushels per acre.

“I’ve had reports of growers that are very happy with what their results that they’re seeing in the field and others that are like, ‘It’s just an average year,’” he shares.

Pennington says quality issues haven’t been a concern, yet.

“We’ve got another 10 days to two weeks,” he estimates for harvest.  “If it does rain frequently, which there is in the forecast right now, then that could cause some sprouting problems.”

While harvesting some on-farm trials this week, Pennington says some yields are more than 30 bushels above their average and the proprietary management research could help growers in the future battling dry conditions.

Brownfield interviewed Pennington as part of the Conservation in Action Tour Tuesday, where some Star of the West facilities also reported near-record harvest deliveries as farmers raced against pending rains earlier in the week.

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