Michigan House Ag Committees takes up fertilizer issues

Michigan farmers and ag groups are pressing the state legislature to address record fertilizer prices through the passage of resolutions.

Eaton County corn and soybean grower Gary Parr, during a Michigan House Ag Committee hearing Wednesday, said management and acreage shifts have only gone so far to mitigate rising costs.

“Our potash is 184 percent increased, our phosphorus has increased 151 percent, and our nitrogen has increased 182 percent versus 2021,” he explains.

Monroe County crop farmer and fertilizer dealer John Delmotte testified the trickle-down effect could have lasting impacts as costs have risen nearly 300 percent over the past 18 months.

“We have businesses at stake, we have families at stake, and we also have a national food security issue at state,” he says.

The committee considered resolutions urging Congress, federal agencies, and state departments to address the ongoing fertilizer price increases along with petitioning the U.S. International Trade Commission to temporarily waive tariffs on imports from Morocco.

The Michigan Senate adopted similar resolutions Tuesday.

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