Mexico continues to amend proposed GM corn ban

Mexico continues to adjust rules in its proposed ban of genetically modified corn despite an ongoing dispute settlement between members of the US, Mexico, Canada Agreement.

Collin Waters, director of exports and logistics with IL Corn tells Brownfield while not surprising, it is disappointing.

“This development of rules is maybe just another reminder that the Government of Mexico seems to. Be very serious about this.”

He says the latest amendment changes some language about the use of GMO corn in human food products like tortillas and masas. But if the decree is implemented that little change could have a big impact.

“We could see a disruption in the movement of grain into Mexico, primarily white corn or other corn for tortilla production.”

He says he is concerned the continuous rule changes could add further complexity and uncertainty to the issue, but he is hopeful that the dispute settlement process will finish quickly and in favor of US farmers.

Audio: Interview with Collin Waters, IL Corn

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