Meat Institute says California knows Prop 12 has unintended consequences

The North American Meat Institute says California’s Proposition 12 rules for farm animal confinement are unconstitutional and provide no benefit to consumers.

In a statement, NAMI President and CEO Julie Anna Potts says the California Department of Food and Agriculture admits deaths for breeding sows will increase under Prop 12, and it has no direct impact on human health and welfare, worker safety, or the State’s environment.  Potts says the state also admits the Prop 12 square footage requirements for livestock are not based on peer-reviewed science.  She says the state also admits Proposition 12 will force low-income consumers, schools, universities, and prisons to pay more for food.

The institute has already asked the U.S. Supreme Court to review a 9th Circuit Court ruling and the constitutionality of Proposition 12.  Under California rule, producers in other states would have to comply with Proposition 12 to sell meat and eggs in California.

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