Light rain comes to central MO, but more needed

A central Missouri farmer says his farm hasn’t received much rain in the last few days.

“We got two-tenths of an inch and I think that’s the best we’ve gotten over the last month.”

Nathan Alpers from Prairie Home tells Brownfield more rain is needed to help the crops and pasture grow.

“The grass isn’t doing anything. We ought to have grass more than knee high and it’s shin high heading out and the hay will be at the most, half a crop, if it doesn’t rain.”

Alpers says while his irrigated corn has a good start, it’s not very tall. He says the soybeans aren’t doing well at all. 

“They go from up and you can row them to you can’t row them. If you dig up some of them, they’ll be laying there like they were just planted,” he says. “Soybeans are my biggest worry. I hope they haven’t sprouted and cracked their bean and died.”

Alpers says a decision to replant the soybeans will be made once it rains and there is the chance for more rain later this week.

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