Klobuchar says Peterson encouraged Senate to make a better farm bill

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar says she’s more optimistic about the Senate farm bill than the failed House farm bill.

Sen. Klobuchar

Klobuchar tells Brownfield House Ranking Member Collin Peterson encouraged her and the Senate to put together a better farm bill.  “I really appreciated Collin Peterson’s support for the bipartisan work we’re doing in the Senate.  He tried real hard in the House but there were forces outside of his committee’s control, and this is real unfortunate, and he said to me, you know, we need you guys in the Senate to take the reigns here and we have.”

Klobuchar says the Senate bill is more bipartisan and makes fewer changes to the SNAP nutrition program. “Of course, it will still go to the committee.  People can try amendments, things can go wrong, but we’re in a lot better place than the House was.”

The Senate farm bill is scheduled for markup by the Senate Ag Committee Wednesday.

Senator Klubuchar discusses the Senate farm bill with Brownfield’s Larry Lee.


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