Kansas farmer begins carbon program journey

A southeast Kansas producer says he recently enrolled in a carbon program to help improve soil health on his farm.

Zach Townsend tells Brownfield his family’s conservation practices will help capture CO2 from the atmosphere into the soil. “We haven’t seen a lot of the long-term benefits yet and we’ve been in this less than 90 days, but maybe we hang onto some moisture longer, increase some organic matter, release some nutrients that are tied up in those harder farming pieces on those farms.”

He says other farmers considering enrollment should proceed at a comfortable pace. “Don’t do this so quick that if you go from conventional till and deep ripping your ground to cover crops, are you going to do more damage than good? Not necessarily to the soil. You’re probably going to turn that around, but to your yield and your bottom line at the end of the day.”

Townsend farms near Coffeyville. He spoke during the recent Corteva summer media event.

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