Iowa Renewable Fuels Association releases carbon pipeline study findings

Iowa farmers could lose out on over $1 billion annually if carbon capture and sequestration projects are halted, according to a study commissioned by the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association.

Executive Director Monte Shaw says the study conducted by Decision Innovation Solutions found that a ban on carbon pipelines would result in 44% of Iowa corn leaving the state without added value by the end of the decade.

“This would eliminate 85% of that positive margin on corn,” Shaw said. “I don’t want to take an 85% pay cut and I don’t think we should ask farmers to do that as well.”

The study also found farm income would drop $43,000 for a 1,000-acre farm split 50/50 between corn and soybeans, as well as a decline in statewide net farm cash income by $1.1 billion per year.

He says the association is gathering this data as the Iowa Legislature considers bills that would prevent similar projects from moving forward.

“We are now looking at Iowa being the only state on the map where there is still an active effort to derail these projects,” he said.

Shaw says Iowa’s ethanol production will become noncompetitive without investments in carbon sequestration projects.

  • This is proganda.
    Ethanol had their best year ever with out Co2 capture.
    This is not about Ethanol. This is about Eminent Domain. Private Companies Making BILLIONS OF dollars off of landwners!!
    What about the farmers losing income from the damaged soils for years to come from putting in pipelines??
    What about farmers losing RENT from damaged soils??
    What about farmers lose VALUE of their farm land??
    What about loss of property rights to CHOOSE what to done on your land??
    What about Private projects stealing land through Eminent Domain!
    What about when a leak happens due to erosion, freeze/thaw and rain?? Our lives in the country are valuable!!!
    Iowa is NOT THE ONLY STATE still fighting this money/land grab. The only reason I see you not focused on other states is they have fewer Ethanol plants to make money off of.
    There are no states that have approved any pipelines!!
    We are affected farmers and landowners.

  • 8 billion people in the world to feed. Corn growers will not grow broke and ethanol plants will not go out of business. There are numerous alternatives for them and they can claim their own carbon credits.

    AGAIN, no mention of the disclaimer from the company that did the study. Anyone can take data and make it say what they want it to say.

    Legal Disclaimer
    Decision Innovation Solutions, LLC (“DIS”) has prepared this analysis (the “Project”) for review and use.
    The Project consists of analysis of the comparative economics of ethanol plants that are expected to
    have access to carbon capture and sequestration via pipeline to those that are at risk of not having
    access to carbon capture sequestration via pipeline.
    While DIS has made every attempt to obtain the most accurate data and include the most critical factors
    in preparing the Project, DIS makes no representation as to the accuracy or completeness of the data
    and factors used or in the interpretation of such data and factors included in the Project. The
    responsibility for the decisions made by you based on the Project, and the risk resulting from such
    decisions remains solely with you; therefore, you should review and use the Project with that in mind.
    While the Project does include certain estimates and possible explanations for ethanol plant operating
    margins and the impacts of tax credit changes on ethanol plant operating margins, it cannot be
    ascertained with certainty the extent to which these estimates are entirely accurate. The following
    factors, among others, may prevent complete accuracy of the estimation of ethanol plant operating
    margins and the impacts of tax credit changes on ethanol plant operating margins, estimates of
    potential dislocations of future ethanol production and explanations for the same: Inadvertent errors
    and omissions related to data collection, data summarization, and visual display of data.

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