Iowa couple educates bloggers on their cattle farm

A central Iowa cattle producer and her husband have engaged with food bloggers from all over the nation to teach them about beef production.

Corrine Rowe and her husband Justin have a red Angus cow-calf operation which opens up to visitors on a regular basis. She tells Brownfield Ag News, “I love having the one-on-one connection with consumers.”

Corrine tells Brownfield there were several “ah ha” moments from the bloggers on the pasture walk in September, “That we eat what we raise and that we eat beef, on average, seven days a week. You know, the amount and frequency we consume beef . And, just how much we cared about the animals. A lot of them commented on that. They could just tell our passion for raising the cattle and how well we knew the herd.”

Corrine, who grew up on a dairy farm, is a member of the Iowa Beef Industry Council which set up the tour in cooperation with Iowa Corn Growers Association.

She has stayed in contact with the bloggers who came from California, Louisiana, and Rhode Island and elsewhere, using and sharing their beef recipes.

Interview with Corrine Rowe

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