Indiana Congressman votes “no” on the Farm Bill

Four Republican members of the House Agriculture Committee voted against the 2012 Farm Bill.  One of those was Indiana’s 3rd District Congressman, Marlin Stutzman.

Stutzman explains why he cast a “no” vote:  “Farmers made cuts, we were willing to make the decision to reform programs and to reduce the cost of programs.” But, he says, “We’re only seeing more spending in the welfare programs within the Farm Bill.  I don’t think that’s right for the future of our country.”

He tells Brownfield the pressure is on to get the Farm Bill completed.  He says he anticipates a lot of resistance against the amount of spending in the Nutrition Title.   That’s why Stutzman says he’d like to see the bill split. 

“I’m starting to talk to my colleagues about taking the agriculture portion out of the welfare portion and actually have a real, true Farm Bill that focuses on agriculture,” he says.  “Then take the nutrition title and the welfare portions and put it into its own bill.”  Stutzman says at that point, he could support the changes that were made in the agricultural portions of the bill.

Regardless if the Farm Bill goes through in one or two bills, Stutzman says he gives it a 50/50 chance of passing before the September 30th deadline.

AUDIO: Marlin Stutzman, 2012 Farm Bill (10:17mp3)

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