Illinois Renewable Fuel Standards Act introduced in House

A bill in the Illinois House of Representatives aims to create a B20 biodiesel standard in the state by 2024.

Illinois currently has a tax exemption for B11 and higher to incentivize use of the fuel. With the expiration date for that exemption quickly approaching, the Illinois Renewable Fuel Standards Act would extend the exemption for 6 months, transition it to B20 and higher and make it a mandate by 2024.

Representative Charlie Meier of Okawville co-sponsors HB 0229 with Representatives Sonya Harper of Chicago and Daniel Swanson of Alpha. Meier tells Brownfield higher biodiesel blends are better for the environment and air quality.

“Biodiesel is a far cleaner burning fuel, so it helps cut down on carbon.”

He says in the past people have faulted biodiesel for freezing up in the winter, but updated blends allow for 100% biodiesel fleets in Chicago to run in the cold.

“We were in Chicago watching those garbage trucks and snowplows working at 17 degrees below zero. Up in Minneapolis, their electric buses would not work on those coldest mornings, the biodiesel buses ran just fine.”

Meier says this initiative is a way to help the environment and expand markets for Illinois soybean farmers.

The Illinois Soybean Association strongly supports the legislation and is proactive in educating legislators about the benefits of the exemption.

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