How farmers can prepare for carbon market opportunities

Farmers interested in participating in carbon market programs are encouraged to focus on data collection and implementation of environmentally friendly practices. 

During a recent carbon markets webinar hosted by Indigo Ag, farmers asked what they can be doing now to be prepared as the carbon market develops. Ryan Stockwell with Indigo says recording data should be the main focus since that is what ultimately generates the carbon credit.

“Data points like when you plant to the field, what crop you planted, the location and shape file of that field, what level of tillage you used, if a cover crop was planted and when as well as fertilizer applications.”

Stockwell says farmers should start that sooner rather than later because once programs are in place, certain provisions may allow practices from previous years to qualify for payment.

He says farmers should also be thinking about what practices they can add to increase carbon credits.

“Quality matters on these carbon credits. The more that you can add after you enroll, the higher the carbon credit you will generate.”

Stockwell says companies with carbon market programs and the USDA should be focused on creating platforms for farmers to best manage this data.

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