Historic cold hits much of the US

A record-breaking cold front is expected across much of the US this week.

“These temperature readings will run 20-30 degrees below average,” he says. “Some of the fresh snow-covered areas of the Midwest will see some record-setting cold and even dip down to below zero in some northern and Great Lakes areas.”

That’s Brownfield meteorologist Greg Soulje.  He says the arctic blast has hit earlier than it has in previous years.

“We are shattering records that have been on the books for decades,” he says. “We’ll likely see some single digits as far south as northern Missouri, central Illinois, central Indiana, and western Ohio.    

But, Soulje says he sees a bright spot for farmers in the coming weeks.

“The general outlook here is for a more positive- it’s late in the season and we’re really pushing it but we will be able to in the coming days if not weeks get out there and continue on with fall cleanup or harvest operations,” he says. “Even some of the worst areas of the corn belt and plains should be able to see some improvement around here with a much quieter weather picture.”

He expects a return to wide swings of temperatures and storms in mid-December and January.

Audio: Greg Soulje, Meteorologist

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