Heat and dryness get headlines, but wind also poses threat to corn in early July

Weather concerns for corn are mostly centered on heat and moisture.  But Brian Thalmann, who farms about 50 miles southwest of Minneapolis, says high winds could be problematic as the crop reaches five to seven-feet high.

“When corn goes through this real fast growth cycle, the plant puts on height but doesn’t have a chance to harden off. So if you get a strong wind, that’s a risky time period.”

He tells Brownfield the plant becomes hardier as it shoots tassels, but timely rains will be needed.

“We were fortunate enough to have about two inches a week ago, and another four-tenths this morning. Areas where they’ve only gotten a half an inch of rain, with this heat, definitely need some more moisture. But I think we’re setting ourselves up for a darn good, pretty consistent crop.”

The immediate past president of the Minnesota Corn Growers says that consistency would be welcome after back to back years of uneven results.

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