Growing biodiesel industry benefits soybean farmers

Growth in the biodiesel industry continues to give soybean farmers certainty.

Greg Anderson, a board member for the National Biodiesel Board, says more feedstock is needed because of the growth in the industry and soybean oil has been the primary feedstock for biodiesel since its inception.

“Just last year we used almost 8.5 billion pounds of soybean oil for our feedstock, that’s equivalent to about one third of our domestic soybean crush and it adds about $1.15 cents per bushel to soybeans at the farm gate,” he says.

Anderson says he sees the benefits of biodiesel on his farm in Nebraska.

“I like it because I’m using my own product,” he says. “I harvest soybeans with a combine, burning biodiesel, and harvesting feedstock at the same time so it’s a full cycle. I also believe farmers need to be using their own product and supporting their own product.”

He says he uses biodiesel year-round and enjoys its lubricity properties.

Brownfield interviewed Anderson at the National Biodiesel Board Conference and Expo in Tampa, Florida.  

Audio: Greg Anderson, National Biodiesel Board

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