GreenSeam director sees strength in value-added ag

The director of an ag organization based in southern Minnesota says while production agriculture is feeling the pain of low commodity prices, the value-added chain is strong.

Sam Ziegler leads GreenSeam, which was formed several years ago to build on existing agricultural prominence in the region.

“People are still eating, they’re still driving. So the value-added components of agriculture remain well. From the manufacturers that are making plastic wraps for our tortilla shells, to the manufacturers of our iron products. To those who have an agri-tourism business.”

Speaking to Brownfield at GreenSeam’s Rural Forum in Mankato Thursday night, he says few countries can compete with the diversity of Midwest agriculture.

“A lot of areas in the world are limited to just the production of food, or just the farming part. So they’re going to feel it more. And we’re fortunate that agriculture as we see it is this entire spectrum.”

Ziegler points out southern Minnesota is home to several ethanol plants and milk processors.  He says there’s even a company that produces bio-plastics using agricultural materials.

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