Grassley: ‘do not touch’ payment limit provision

Iowa Senator Charles Grassley expressed concern Tuesday over what he says are House members’ intentions to strip payment limit provisions from the Farm Bill Conference Report.

“Apparently some conservative members of the House don’t believe in fixing blatant abuses of farm subsidies,” said the GOP lawmaker, during a conference call with farm reporters, Tuesday morning.

“Not only should there be a ‘do not touch’ sign on this language, because it’s in both the House and Senate bills, as far as I know in exactly the same language,” said Senator Grassley. “And if the conferees are serious about saving tax payer dollars, keeping my payment limit provisions is the only intellectually honest thing to do.”

Referring to the partial government shutdown, Grassley says his office is fielding a lot of calls concerning Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) payments, direct payments and USDA market information. Grassley made assurances that the payments are not in jeopardy, just the timing of when the payments will be made.

AUDIO: Charles Grassley (16 min. MP3)

  • This idea is stupid at best,if you want to limit payments then shut people off at a certain level. Don’t have every person involved filling out piles of forms then have thousands of govt employees checking these forms. FSA and IRS have enough to do. You are not saving anything!!!!!!!

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