FFA members discuss farm bill, other topics with legislators in D.C.

Photo provided by National FFA Organization

National FFA members are participating in congressional visits with legislators during the Washington Leadership Conference.

Leadership Development Facilitator Luc Sproles says the 2023 Farm Bill is top of mind for members.

“It’s one of those times that farmers and the farm bill are directly in the spotlight when we’re working on passing this bill,” he says. “So a lot of things are getting talked about and brought up anywhere from hunger and nutrition assistance to crop protection for farmers, climate change, and also integrating new technologies into the ag world.”  

He tells Brownfield hill visits during the Washington Leadership Conference are providing a great opportunity for students.

“It’s a really exciting time for our FFA members who are going to be exiting high school and entering their future careers, but also for legislators who are, you know, paving the way for our agriculturalists and for our producers to feed America,” he says.

Spencer Romans, an FFA member from Oregon, was unable to meet with legislators but talked with other conference attendees who did.   

“They said it was an extremely cool experience. I think it’s awesome that they’re able to talk with people who can make changes,” he says. “We learned a lot this week about making change, being a hero, and being a leader. And then getting to go and talk to those people is super inspiring for them and it shows that we can make a change as individuals and that we have that power and that ability too.”

The National FFA Organization’s Washington Leadership Conference concludes July 22. More than 2,000 members are expected to attend over six weeklong sessions.

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