Farmers see carbon credits as new opportunity to advance industry


Some farmers say carbon credits increase their bottom line while improving sustainability efforts.

Indiana farmer Chris Lehe tells Brownfield he received a large payout after switching to no-till farming last year.  “With the time and effort that we put in earning that $25,000 is probably some of the best ROI as far as time goes on the farm.”   

Ben Reinsche, who farms in Northeast Iowa, says incentive-based conservation practices have created additional marketing opportunities. “Effectively, it’s a new crop, carbon. Right now, what farmers get paid for is yield. Going forward, what if you could get paid for quality, as well as, quantity?”

Oklahoma farmer Tom Cannon says he’s improved soil health and offset record input costs. “I’m using a lot more chicken litter now than I used two years ago and a whole lot less UANs, the thymols and some of those sources of sulfur, nitrogen and potassium that are chemicals. I’m using more legumes now.” 

The farmers spoke with Brownfield at a carbon credit issuance event hosted by Indigo Ag at the Chicago Board of Trade.

All three say they’re enrolled in Indigo Ag’s carbon credit program.

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