Farmer sees multiple benefits of fungicide applications

An Iowa farmer says fungicide applications have helped him manage disease and environmental pressure.

Brett Heineman tells Brownfield spraying at the right time has been critical.

“From what we’ve seen, the biggest bang for our buck has been getting it on before you see the disease. If you are already seeing disease, you’ve already lost some potential in your plant.”

He says fungicides can help protect plants from heat, drought, and hail damage.

“For us, we cover a decent amount of acres and having a standability on our crop when we get there to combine is kind of a more bigger deal to us than probably most people.”

Heineman says producers shouldn’t jump into new applications without some planning and testing.

“We have a program where we’ll strip it. We’ll leave a control and then we’ll do whatever we’re trying to do for 90 foot, and then we’ll do another 90 foot control and we’ll test that for at least three years before we implement it into our program.”

Heineman raises corn and soybeans in Boone County.

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