Farmer says irrigated soybeans could be the lone bright spot this harvest


A Southeast Nebraska farmer says she’s optimistic about her irrigated soybean crop if it holds on through the end of the month.

Angela Knuth of Mead tells Brownfield soybeans had a rough start, but have turned the corner “They’re starting to fill.  We were a little late planting soybeans, so the jury is still out. So, for they’re looking good.  They’ve branched out really well and we’re on top of the irrigation.” 

But, she says, the corn crop was stressed with extreme heat during pollination. “The irrigated is doing pretty good.  Some of the kernels aren’t real deep, but I think we’ll be fine.”  

Knuth says some corn on dryland pivot corners didn’t produce an ear. 

Knuth spoke with Brownfield on her farm during a stop with NASA’s Earth Science Director.

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