Farmer cautiously optimistic on continued grain support

A northwest Missouri farmer says he’s cautiously optimistic about continued support within the grain market.

Richard Oswald tells Brownfield he and his son decided to market some of their crop.

“He said, ‘I’d hate to sell it and then watch the market go up’ and I said, well yeah, but how would you feel talking to your neighbors,” Oswald said. “If they said, ‘did you get any of that $7 corn when you had the chance’ and you had to tell them ‘no, I was waiting for $8’.”

And he said farmers won’t necessarily make more if grain prices continue to rise.

“Suppliers, seed companies, chemical companies, fertilizer, they all see farmers making money and the next thing you know, all your input costs are doubled and there’s not quite as much net as there was initially,” he said.

Oswald points to reduced corn supplies in brazil and global demand as factors that could continue to raise grain prices.

Richard Oswald Interview

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