Farmer avoids wind damage, gets continued moisture

A northeastern Missouri farmer says he only had minor damage to his crops and facilities from high winds that moved through his area late Friday. 

Wes Shoemyer tells Brownfield he’s more concerned about rainfall after receiving three more inches over the weekend.

“We’ve just been wet for an extended period of time, and it looks like we might be receiving some more,” he said. “So, yeah we’re concerned. We don’t want too much of a good thing.”

The Monroe and Shelby County farmer said he’s only lost about three or four percent of his crop from excess moisture so far. Despite the wet weather, Shoemyer said he’s mostly optimistic about his crop stands.

“I would say our opportunity for corn is as good as any possibilities as we’ve ever had before,” he said. “Beans, it’s a big, big wildcard. There’s opportunity out there but it’s all going to depend on that August weather and maybe some of it might be how late the frost might be.”

Shoemyer said although he has concerns about the water causing crop disease, it’s hard to complain about July rains while other parts of the country are experiencing drought. 

Wes Shoemyer Interview

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