Farm Bureau survey finds wide consumer support for farm bill

A recent poll by the American Farm Bureau identifies nutrition and risk management programs as priority areas for consumers in the next farm bill.

“If those programs were removed from the farm bill, we saw support drop by half.”

Kari Barbic tells Brownfield, “By and large, Americans are supportive of the farm bill, and over half of those surveyed said that they would be more inclined to support their member of congress if they voted to reauthorize the farm bill.”

Funding for ag research was also a leading priority.

Barbic says nearly three-fourths of respondents think there would be a significant impact on the country if the legislation is not passed this year.

“We see that 84 percent of adults agree that the U.S. should really consider it a matter of national security to ensure that the country has a safe and abundant food supply,” she says.

In general, consumers remain unfamiliar with the legislation, with more than 70 percent saying they have not seen, read, or heard much about it.

About nine in ten consumers say they trust farmers and Barbic says that’s remained the same since 2019.

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