Equipment and engine lubrication especially important in spring & fall

An oil and lubricants specialist says spring and fall is not only the busiest time for equipment, but it is also when conditions are right for more breakdowns.  Tanner Intveld is with CENEX. He says, “It’s when the machine is getting used, and also, that’s when the biggest temperature swings happen, so yeah, we see a lot of condensation happening as that engine heats up and cools down and that condensation doesn’t go away. It’s just moisture in there, so it has to either get out somehow or that oil has to put up with it to a certain degree.”

Intveld tells Brownfield many farmers are switching to full synthetic or synthetic blends for oil and lubricants because they are made from a better base stock, and are very consistent because they’re made with a chemical reaction. “And that equates to a higher performance, so it’s very beneficial when you look at today’s high-tech engines. They have longer oil change intervals and that synthetic oil puts up with the heat and the water, condensation, all of those contaminants that are trying to get in there.”

Intveld says manufacturers are recommending synthetic oils for on-road vehicles and over-the-road trucks and he expects ag equipment will follow soon. 

Intveld says the older equipment is very stable but pay close attention to what manufacturers call for in newer equipment in various temperature and usage conditions.  Intveld says keeping detailed records in the farm maintenance program helps keep machines properly lubricated so they are ready when needed.

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