EPA’s Jackson issues final dust clarification

EPA administrator Lisa Jackson has issued a final clarification on dust regulation – specifically, that the EPA does not plan to regulate farm dust.

A letter has been sent to Senate Ag Committee chair Debbie Stabenow about the clarification with Jackson saying EPA does not plan to expand current air quality standards to farms. As part of the regular five-year review of the Clean Air Act, EPA staff had recommended potentially tightening the standards, setting off concerns about new, expanded regulations.

An EPA news release this morning said that it is prepared to keep the current standards in place, saying –quote- “EPA hopes that this action finally puts an end to the myth that the Agency is planning to tighten this regulation which has been in place since 1987.”

Pending House and Senate bills would ban EPA from making tighter regulations on farm dust. According to The Hill, House Republican leaders have indicated they’ll bring the bill to the floor this fall.

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