EPA, Growth Energy agree to November deadline for RVO rules with potential growth expected

A member of the ethanol industry says proposing and finalizing next year’s biofuel blending requirements is crucial for growing the Renewable Fuel Standard.  

Chris Bliley, senior vice president of regulatory affairs with Growth Energy, says it’s recent agreement with EPA eliminates uncertainty for ethanol producers and corn growers. “It’s really important that EPA continues to set policy that drives and increases in renewable fuel blending so that consumers can access these fuels that can save them immediately at the pump.”

They submitted a consent decree last Friday to the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia that requires EPA to propose 2023 renewable volume obligations no later than November 16, 2022. It also says EPA must finalize requirements no later than June 14, 2023.

Bliley tells Brownfield EPA should increase RVOs for next year because of inflation and high gas prices. “It would have tremendous emissions and air quality benefits. If we had a national move to E15, that would mean a reduction of nearly 17 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions – an equivalent of taking nearly 4 million cars off the road.”

The consent decree is a result of Growth Energy’s notice of an intent to sue EPA after the agency violated statutory guidelines under the RFS.

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