EPA administrator Regan comments on E15 waiver

The head of the Environmental Protection Agency says sales of E15 this summer will help increase the fuel supply and support American agriculture.

Michael Regan tells Brownfield the recent emergency fuel waiver reduces the country’s reliance on imported fossil fuels and helps build energy independence.

“We saw that the conditions were right to issue this E15 waiver,” he said. “We are proud to do it because we know it can lower costs, and it can reduce the strain on our fuel economy.”

He tells Brownfield E15 is on track to be sold year-round beginning in 2024.

“We know that biofuels play a significant role in this country,” Regan said. “We know that rural America contributes mightily to our fuel supply.”

The EPA says E15 is about 25 cents per gallon cheaper than E10.

  • this is so funny , because all of us consumers knows that when you start putting higher and higher Ethonol in fuel , the fuel economy decreases. so even though you might be paying less at the pump, you also are getting less MPG. in return , spending more! way to help the economy….I dont think so!!

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