Enlist herbicide readily available for 2022

Farmers are concerned herbicides will be more expensive and harder to come by next year.

Andy Carriger, an Enlist field specialist with Corteva, says higher costs are a function of several factors.

“And we try to remain competitively priced on a lot of our chemistries.”

He tells Brownfield they’re able to do that with Enlist because it’s based in the U.S.

“And because it’s U.S.-based, most of our Enlist herbicides, well all the 2,4-D choline products are made right here in the U.S. They are manufactured in Michigan, and formulated in Webster City, Iowa.”

Carriger does not anticipate any shortages of Enlist herbicide for 2022 because Corteva is not dependent on foreign supplies for 2,4-D choline.

He says their only limitation might be on glyphosate, which is part of the Enlist Duo system. 

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