Drought improves, cattle producer says he’s 15 inches of rain behind

The latest U.S. Drought Monitor shows slight improvement for extended dryness in the Great Plains after a week of rainy weather.

North-Central Kansas cattle producer Ethan Dickerson says conditions have improved, but his area remains in severe drought.   “We’re probably about 10 to 15 inches behind coming back from the drought starting last fall.”

He tells Brownfield Mother Nature brought more than 2 inches of rain recently. “A week ago, we had a good rain come through and it got the early spring crop out of the ground. Then there was another round that came through over the last couple of days. Almost an inch-and-a-half. That’s really going to help, just a really long soaking rain.”

Dickerson says pastures are starting to grow back after a wildfire depleted his feed source in December. “The grass fought really, really hard to get out of the ground and grow back and fill in those bare spots.  That being said, it’s going to take time and more rain. We’re just going to have to give it some time and more rest and hope she comes through.”

The Drought Monitor showed drought reduction across Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota this week, but pockets of extreme and exceptional drought persist.

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