Deportation fears growing in rural communities

The president of United Farm Workers of America says rural communities are facing increasing immigration enforcement under the new administration.

“It’s pretty common place unfortunately today that in rural communities, agricultural communities, that you hear rumors or you actually see ICE agents there that are picking workers up.”  Arturo Rodriguez says in rural agricultural parts of California, their members are reporting increased immigration raids which have increased fears among farm workers and left farms short staffed.

Bruce Goldstein, with the D.C.-based advocacy group Farm Worker Justice, says fear among farm workers and their families is escalating.  “We’re hearing that there’s a great presence than in the past in farm worker communities and we’re also seeing reports in the media that more people are being detained and deported that don’t have criminal records.”  He says the majority of the nation’s farm workers lack authorized immigration status, and a program is necessary for them obtain legal standing and protect the nation’s food supply.

In recent weeks, legislation has been introduced in the U.S. Senate that would help undocumented farm workers earn legal status. A similar bill is expected soon in the U.S. House.

President Trump also promised farmers during a round table discussion last month protections should be granted to farm workers as part of immigration reform.

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  • Start by getting legal workers in the first place. Is Brownfield news a media outlet for the liberals too. There are tons of workers who are willing to work but farmer who make a lot, and I know they do because I work every day with farmers, don’t want to pay decent money. This is why they hire illigals. I don’t feel sorry for farmers who are crying over this issue. They can offord 10-20k a rage and not to pay a decent wage to Americans, complete B.S..

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