Demand for soy-based biofuels increasing, ISA says

The president-elect of the Iowa Soybean Association says biofuels can help the country meet emissions reduction targets.

Brent Swart tells Brownfield biodiesel, renewable diesel, and sustainable aviation fuel will be a top priority for the state’s soybean growers in 2024. “The neat part about that industry is that we’re not only growing a sustainable product here in the state, but a product that can grow our domestic demand and maybe not make us so reliant on some of our trading partners.”

According to ISA, biodiesel and renewable diesel blends have been shown to reduce carbon emissions by up to 86 percent compared to petroleum-based diesel, as well as lower particulate matter, aromatic compounds, and carbon monoxide.

Swart says low carbon biofuels need to be position alongside other technologies in any future energy strategy at the federal level. “Help legislators understand the benefits of those products and continue to drive demand not only domestically but around the globe.”

ISA says soybean oil made up 71% of total feedstock used in biodiesel production last year, providing a market for oil from nearly 162 million bushels of Iowa soybeans.

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