Cutting through the noise with electric vehicles

An official with the Renewable Fuels Association encourages people to sift through the noise when discussing biofuels and electric vehicles.

Robert White says he’s been calming the nerves of those who are concerned EV’s will overtake the market for ethanol-blended fuel.

“Oh geez, that’s my corn, now what?’ Well, the reality is much different. We really don’t think electric vehicles are going to have much traction (and) we’re starting to see that already. People that wanted electric vehicles already bought one, they’re sitting on lots for longer times.”

Speaking to Brownfield during the recent National Association of Farm Broadcasting Convention in Kansas City, he said E15 is positioned well despite higher fuel economy standards.

“Let’s have more of that fuel tank, even as it diminishes. That will be the equivalent or even more ethanol than what we’re using today. But on the flipside, since everyone wanted to start talking about carbon finally, we’ve been a low carbon source forever, right. Nothing has changed.”

White says another reason to be optimistic about the long-term viability of ethanol is because of its potential as a sustainable aviation fuel.

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