COVID outbreak in India could limit imports of U.S. ethanol

India’s battle with COVID-19 could slow an anticipated ramp up in ethanol imports from the U.S.

Ron Lamberty with the American Coalition for Ethanol says officials in India have indicated they want to increase ethanol use.

“My guess is that their use of any kind of fuel is going to be extremely curtailed here over the next few months as they try to get a grip on COVID. Shutdowns reduce the use of any kind of fuel.”

He tells Brownfield India represents a huge liquid fuels market and leaders there recognize the role biofuels can play in improving air quality.

“Hopefully they’ll get COVID under control and demand will increase. We know there are people there that understand that ethanol is a low-carbon fuel that helps you clean the air, and hopefully they’ll want to buy some more (from the U.S.).”

Indian authorities have confirmed more than 300,000 coronavirus cases daily for nearly three weeks, and India set a global record with more than 414,000 cases Friday.

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