Consus speaks on rally, farmer resources

A marketing analyst says the recent weather rally has helped some growers meet their sales goals for the year.

Angie Setzer, co-founder of the grain marketing firm Consus, tells Brownfield she did not expect the market to rally like it has.

“There are some pretty major production concerns with as dry as we’ve been, but we’ve been taking advantage of the market that’s provided us $1.25 rally in corn at one point and over $2.00 in soybeans,” she shares.

Setzer says Consus wants to break down barriers between independent traders and farmers, and today is hosting its first marketing event to improve knowledge and connections in the industry.

“And really help them to understand that there are ways to manage risk that are beneficial to the farm and, at the very least, be able to have access to people who can get them the information that they need or connect them to the people who have that information,” she says.

Sezter tells Brownfield Consus plans to continue offering educational resources moving forward.

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